• Co-op marketing activities planning, developing and implementing
  • Developing and organizing sales missions;
  • Relationship development with Destinations and tourism industry stakeholders;
  • Newsletters
  • Development and distribution of POS materials;
  • Destination product development;
  • Industry monitoring on trends and opportunities;
  • Participation and co-participation in trade shows and roadshows with partners from the tourism Industry;
  • Organization of “getting to know” tours;
  • Training and roadshow events.
  • Integration of media relations and consumer marketing strategy via the trade channel


  • Planning, developing, and implementing media relations strategies;
  • Proactive strategy in pitch stories;
  • Crisis management;
  • Stakeholder management;
  • Press releases and newsletters;
  • Organizing and managing “getting to know” trips;
  • Tactical integration with trade and consumer direct tactics;
  • Clipping and advertising value equivalency management;
  • Owned mailings


  • Planning, developing, and implementing media plans;
  • Sponsoring of opportunities analysis and management
  • Relationship marketing, including on-line media, TV, radio, video, promos, and materials and complements design;
  • Content development, management, and campaigns in social media networks;
  • Brand alignment
  • Content development for all types of media
  • Advertisement for all medias
  • 25 years experience in consumer co-op marketing activities
  • Quality surveys on consumer behavior


  • Budget planning, reconciliation, and financial projects;
  • Reports (financial, marketing, ROI, tactical);
  • Management of Legal Consulting (Brazilian general laws for the adopted tactics);
  • Proprietary media relations mailings;
  • Qualitative market research on consumer behavior;
  • Key-account services with media from all around Brazil and Latin America;